Season 2014/15

1. Lauf SprintCup: Positive impressions

Tue, 20/05/2014 - 11:37

The second and final day of the international tournament Cottbuser-Sprintercup in Germany the Minsk Cycling Club riders performed in a few events.

In Men keirin the Minsk riders looked as good as their stronger and technically better prepared opponents. However some small tactical mistakes and lack of experience affected the final results. Artsiom Zaitsau and Yahor Mironchyk shared 13th position. Yauhen Veramchuk and Uladzislau Novik showed 19th time.

Yahor Mironchyk participated as well in 1000 time trial and took 8th place.

Juniors competed in sprint. Anna Huryk finished 7th, Uladzislava Karsakova – 12th. In 200m time trial Huryk was 8th and her teammate 13th, showing her best time.

“Though we didn’t finished on the podium, the event left very positive impressions. I’m happy with the riders’ physical conditions, - the coach Sergei Ruban told. – The second day our guys rode well in keirin, where the concurrence was very strong. I liked how Artsiom Zaitsau worked tactically, he could qualify for the final. Yauhen Veramchuk was no bad as well. He is not familiar with this event, in our team we use him as a starter. Yahor Mironchyk’s eighth place in 1000 time trial is also worth noting. Given better technical possibilities of the rivals - the result is more than decent.

In junior sprint qualification Anna Huryk didn’t show her best seconds and was only 8th. She is not yet familiar with such tracks, that is why she failed the start. Vlada Karsakova with 13.9 seconds was 13th, but set her personal record. Usually if you compare the time on the open-air concrete track to the time on the wooden track, you take 0.3 seconds. It means that the progress is very significant”.