After winning the individual race, Tatsiana Sharakova, the leader of Minsk Cycling Club women's team, stepped on the top of the victory podium in the group race of the Belarusian Championship.

Women competed at a distance of 118 kilometers (9 laps of 13.1 km) with start and finish in Novogrudok.

The first laps the athletes rode fairly calmly. There were attempts to attack, but only Svetlana Stagurskaya managed to shoot ahead. By the middle of the race, she was ahead of the group by more than two minutes. However, the peloton, which became active at the final laps, quickly “ate” this advantage.

The main showdown began on the last lap. Minsk Cycling Club rider Hanna Tserakh, which pulled away, was pursuited by her teammates Tatsiana Sharakova and Alena Amialiusik.

As a result, Sharakova managed to leave Amialiusik behind and shift to Tserakh. And at the last jerk before the finish the leader of Minsk Cycling Club attacked, and in splendid solitude rode to the next champion title. Hanna Tserakh finished second. Alena Amialiusik took the third place.

In addition to “silver” among the women's elite, Hanna Tserakh became the country's champion in the age category U23. Anhelina Krasko, representative of Minsk City Center of Olympic Reserve, became the second, and Anastasiya Kolesava (Mogilev Region) - the third.