Minsk Cycling Club riders were beyond competition in the group race of the Belarusian championship: Yauhen Sobal became the winner, and his teammates Anton Ivashkin and Vasili Strokau won silver and bronze, respectively.


The starting line of the men's group race was toed by fifty-one sportsmen, who were to determine the strongest one at the distance of 183.5 kilometers (14 laps of 13.1 km).

Already on the first lap nine riders cut adrift from the rest, among them were 4 riders of Minsk Cycling Club: Anton Ivashkin, Yauhen Sobal, Vasili Bialiauski and Nikolai Shumov.

For a long time the group controlled the situation, not allowing the breakaways to increase their advantage seriously. After a half of the distance, the lag of the peloton was only 40 seconds.

However, the constant attempts of individual riders to break away impeded the pursuit. One of such attacks was successful - two representatives of Minsk continental team Siarhei Papok and Vasili Strokau managed to join the breakaways. After that, the breakaway group accelerated the pace, increasing their advantage over the peloton and shrinking their ranks, which were left by Uladzislau Tsimoshyk and Yauheni Akhramenka.

But this was not the end of breakaway showdown. Three laps to the finish line Yauhen Sobal went on a solo breakaway. Soon, Anton Ivashkin and Vasili Strokau set off in pursuit of their teammate. But to catch up with Sobal, who strived for another championship title, was almost impossible that day. Yauhen retained his advantage in the remaining kilometers and ended the race with a beautiful solo finish.

In the fight for the second place, Anton Ivashkin was ahead of Vasili Strokau. Five more riders from Minsk Cycling Club finished in the top 10: Nikolai Shumov (4), Siarhei Papok (5), Vasili Bialiauski (9), Yauheni Koroliok (9), Stanislau Bazhkou (10).

Totally 22 riders made the finish. The average speed of the winner was 41.6 km/h.