Minsk Cycling Club applied for registration of UCI Continental Team

Fri, 31/10/2014 - 15:52

Minsk Cycling Club has launched the project of creating a UCI Continental team. The club has already applied for the registration to the UCI.

Actually Minsk Cycling Club has a UCI Track team composed of the ten strongest Belarusian riders: World champion Tatsiana Sharakova, National record holders in the team pursuit Siarhei Papok and Aleh Ahiyevich, U-23 European Track Championships bronze medal winner Raman Ramanau, six time National record holders in the team sprint Yauheni Veramchuk, Uladzislau Novik, Artsiom Zaitsau as well as Raman Tsishkou, Hardzei Tishchanka and Yauheni Akhramneka. They represented Minsk Cycling Club at the biggest international events this season and won first trophies for the club.

The creation of the Track team was the main goal of the club, but a Road team was also planned to appear in the future. And this moment has come. Enlisting support of the Belarusian Cycling Federation, Minsk Cycling Club applied for the registration of a UCI Continental Team.

To launch this ambitious project the club has invited the famous Belarusian road cyclist Aliaksandr Kuchynski. The repeated champion of Belarus has big experience of performance in the professional peloton, including top-level teams – last four seasons Aliaksandr raced for the Russian Katyusha. All this should help him to create a good team.

Kuchynski will deal not only with organizational matters, but he is going to continue his career, to share his experience with young team-mates. According to the UCI rules, the Continental team can have up to four riders from the club Track team. There are enough of candidates there. Moreover, Minsk Cycling Club is planning to sign a few new riders in the next future.