Minsk Cycling Club Ready To Start

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 15:21

A baptism of fire is waiting for the riders of Minsk Cycling Club in mid-April at the Polish Cup.

BGŻ Arena, the velodrome in the Polish town Pruszkow, will host the event on April 16-18, 2014. These competitions will be the first serious test for the Club riders in the current season.

Three sprinters Vladislav Novik, Evgeni Veremchuk, Artsiom Zaitsau, who have already signed contracts with Minsk Cycling Club, and Egor Mironchik as a substitute and candidate to join the Club, will go to Poland under the guidance of the coach Serguei Ruban.

The guys will be accompanied by two talented girls Anna Gurik and Nadezhda Svirkova. For them the Polish Cup is a good chance to show their best side and an important step in preparation for the upcoming Junior Track European Championships.

“Athletes need competitions if they want to progress. Last year our riders took part only in three events, the last one was in October. As there are no competitions in Belarus, we have turned our attention to international starts. The first one will be the Polish Cup, - Serguei Ruban, coaching the Club’s sprinters team, explained the choice of the tournament. – Such competitions are very important, because they give a possibility to score ranking points, that are necessary to participate in the World Cup events. Each of our riders has to count 90 points.”

According to the coach, the main goals at this event are to see a real level of the riders and to assess their psychological state in the competition conditions in order to adjust further preparation process.

By the way, the competitive and training program of the Club riders in the coming months promises to be very intense. After the Polish Cup the team will have a training camp in Spain, and a Grand Prix in Germany and two events in Russia have been already scheduled in May, Serguei Ruban shared the plans.