Season 2014/15

Minsk Cycling Club sprinters set two national records in team sprint

Mon, 02/06/2014 - 13:42

The Open Track Cycling Championships of Belarus in sprint began in the Belarusian capital on the 1st of June. The first day of the competitions was dominated by the men’s and women’s teams of Minsk Cycling Club.

In men’s team sprint Yanhen Veramchuk, Artsiom Zaitsau and Uladzislau Novik were defending their title of champions of Belarus fighting against six other teams. The guys managed to do it and set two national records. In qualification Minsk team showed the result of 45.96 seconds, in final seconds were even better – 45.797. Last year the sprinters of Minsk Cycling Club rewrote the record of Belarus three times.

Anna Huryk and Nadezhda Svirkova also took the first place in women’s team sprint. They set a record as well. Not national yet, but a personal one. The girls improved their best time almost for one second.

8 teams competed in women’s team sprint. The Minsk Cycling Club sprinters rode well in qualification - 36.7 seconds. And in finals they improved their result by almost three tenths – 36.4 seconds.

“We are not surprised by these results. The riders have just showed the seconds that we were planning them to show, - the coach of Minsk Cycling Club sprinters Serguei Ruban summarized the first day of the tournament. – The results prove that we are on the right way, and our job in the last few months was fruitful. The recent training camp in Spain and our participation in a few international competitions have played their role as well”.