Vladislav Novik: In Good Spirits

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 14:48

One of the leaders of the Minsk Cycling Club sprint team Vladislav Novik spoke about preparation for the first official start in 2014 and shared his plans for the season.

- How do you feel before the first official start of the season?
- I’m approaching it in good spirits. I feel good and I’m ready for a successful performance. If nothing happens.

- And what about the others guys?
- They are very nervous about the result. Upset even in training, if they don’t ride well. But I hope everything will be fine.

- As the most experienced rider in the team, its leader, do you support partners in difficult situations?
- Honestly, I don’t feel like a leader, I don’t think that I’m better or worse than the other guys. But of course, I try to help as I can. However they haven’t always listen to me. Unlike coach. Sergey (Ruban) had an unquestioned authority.

- Is the coach sharing with you his professional secrets?
- Yes. He shows and tells a lot of things based on his personal experience that we didn’t know before. He improved our technique, showed us how to sit properly, explained where we can relax and save some energy, and where we have to give everything. I think our cooperation is very fruitful.

- You are not confused by the fact that you didn’t take part in any official event for the last six months?
- Of course, I’m confused. It is hard to imagine how things will turn. We'll go and see.

- Do you expect in Poland to show the best result in team or individual events?
- I think this time I will perform better individually. Although I prefer team sprint. Especially when all teammates are in good form.

- How do you manage to train and to study?
- It is not easy. A lot of training camps, a lot of missed classes, teachers are dissatisfied. I try as best I can to catch up program.

- In the next months the schedule will be even more intensive: Polish Cup, a training camp in Spain, then a race in Germany and two races in Russia. Have you ever had such a busy schedule?
- Of course, it happened sometimes we had a few races in Belarus, and then just in a couple of days an event in Russia. So this is not the first time.

- What are your goals for the current season?
- To win a medal at the junior European Track Championships. In sprint and team sprint. I think we can do it. And at the Elite European Track Championships we will try to take the highest possible place.