In the men's group race of the Belarusian championship, there was a serious struggle for the champion title. But the main participants were the racers of Minsk Cycling Club continental team.

The men's race was the last one in the national championship program. Riders, and there were 48 of them in the start list, had to overcome 169.1 km.

The participants were losing no time and already on the first lap 14 riders, the majority of which were from Minsk Cycling Club, broke away.

Most of all in the peloton, such a breakaway did not like the BelAZ team, which tried to organize the pursuit. However, despite their efforts, the gap not only did not close, but also widened.

Several attacks on the rise noticeably shrink ranks of the breakaway. And in the main group, not everyone kept up the pursuit pace.

As a result, Stanislau Bazhkou, Vasili Strokua and Mark Grinkevich were among the leaders in Raubichi circles. But soon there were only two leaders left - because of problems with the switch, Strokau fell behind.

Meanwhile, Yauhen Sobal and Yauheni Karaliokmoved to the pursuit group, where Branislau Samoilau, Aliaksandr Piasetski, Dzianis Marchuk were riding.

The pursuit group got closer, but with each circle it also became smaller. Sobal and Samoilau were faced with the task of win back 40 seconds in the last five-kilometer lap... But Stanislau Bazhkou really wanted to win that day. And nobody managed to prevent him from doing it.

The beautiful race ended with a beautiful Victoria of Bazhkou. Grinkevich was second, Sobal – the third. Just respect to the team: top 10 of the final protocol consisted only of Minsk Cycling Club racers.

In the standings among men under 23, Mark Grinkevich took the lead, his teammate Dzianis Marchuk took the second place, the representative of the city of Minsk Pavel Turchenko took the third place.

Minsk Cycling Club women's team won all the medals in the group race of the Belarusian championship.

No one doubted that Minsk Cycling Club racers would be the main favorites of the race. Our girls, over the course of the 117 km distance, did not allow for a second to doubt their superiority, fully controlling the development of events.

Already on the first lap, two people broke away. Tatsiana Soupel accompamied Hanna Tserakh. The duo's lead gradually increased to almost four minutes. Alina Abramenka and Hanna Kavaliova broke away from the peloton. And soon Tatsiana Sharakova set off in pursuit.

After the reunion, Minsk Cycling Club trio got away from their rivals. By that time, there was no one to harry after them. The already small peloton split into several groups, which were solving their local problems.

As a result, Tatsiana Sharakova took another champion title. The silver medal was won by Hanna Tserakh, and the bronze went to Alina Abramenka.

Abramenka also won a victory in the U-23 category. The second place was taken by another racer of Minsk Cycling Club Anhelina Krasko. And the third was Aksana Salauyeva from Ferei-CCN team.

The racer of Minsk Cycling Club junior team Kiryl Hutsko won the individual and group races within the Olympic Youth Days.

In the 25 km ITT, Hutsko showed the best time 32:32.4 sec., and was 17 seconds faster than his nearest rival, despite the fact that he was the youngest of 27 announced participants. The second place was taken by Mikita Siamashka, the third - by Stsiapan Bezgerts.

The group race with a length of 117 km also ended with a confident victory of the 16-year-old Minsk Cycling Club racer. His advantage over the silver medalist Yahor Mizernik was 51 seconds. Maksim Kot finished third.

The second stage of the international multi-day cycling race Tour of Mevlana in Turkey was successfully for the continental team of Minsk Cycling Club. The mass sprint ended with the victory of Minsk Cycling Club racer Siarhei Shauchenka.

At the starting stage, Branislau Samoilau finished fourth. However, it seems that this only angered the team of Yauheni Hutarovich, which clearly and smoothly rode the second stage of Tour of Mevlana (136 km). The award for this was the bright victory of Siarhei Shauchenka.

The partners did everything in their power for their sprinter, and yesterday's birthday boy did not disappoint, bringing the victory to himself and the team.

The other drivers of the capital team showed the following results: Vasilyi Strokau (21), Yauhen Sobal (41), Branislau Samoilau (44), Stanislau Bazhkou (55), Siarhei Papok (68), Vasili Bialiauski (125).

By the way, this success was the first for the continental team of Minsk Cycling Club in the season 2021.

In the general classification, Branislau Samoilau retained the fourth place, 10 seconds behind the leader. But Siarhei Shauchenka, thanks to the victory at this stage, gained the sixth position in the overall standings (0:55).

In the team rating Minsk Cycling Club moved to the second place.

The racers have two more stages ahead.


The first day of the Track Cycling Championship of Belarus, which started at Minsk-Arena Velodrome, was marked by the track team racer of Minsk Cycling Club Raman Tsishkou, who achieved two victories at once.

 First, Raman confidently won the individual pursuit qualification with a score of 4:21.758 sec. And then in the final lap he gained one lap lead over another member of Minsk Cycling Club track team Raman Ramanau.

The third place was taken by Kiryl Prymakou (Gomel region).

The final in the men's scratch race turned out to be exciting and unpredictable. Constant attacks and attempts to gain a lap have not brought any success to anyone. In the end, everything was decided in the group finish. And here there was no equal to the racers of Minsk Cycling Club Raman Tsishkou and Yauheni Karaliok. In their face-to-face confrontation, Tishkov was a little faster.

In the fight for the third place, Kanstantsin Bialiauski (Gomel region) took the lead.

For the women's team of Minsk Cycling Club, the first day of the championship was also rich in medals.

Tatsiana Sharakova once again confirmed her class, showing the best time in qualification (4:36.646) being ahead of Ina Savenka in the main final.

In the final for the 3rd place, Minsk Cycling Club racer Hanna Tserakh beat her team-mate Alina Abramenko.

Ina Savenka took revenge in the final of the scratch race, getting ahead of Tatsiana Sharakova. Moreover, the struggle was so tight that a photo finish was needed to determine the winner.

Hanna Tserakh was the third again.

Besides, the Cup of Belarus in sprint was held that day.

In men's race, as well as a year ago, the racer of Minsk Cycling Club Artem Zaitsev, who this time not without difficulty won in the final against another rider of the capital's club Aliaksandr Hlova.

The third place was taken by the representative of the city of Minsk Igor Popruga.

Diana Medvedskaya (Minsk) was out of competition in the women's sprint. The second place was taken by Yulia Manets (Brest region), the third by Diana Subbotina (Minsk).

In total, on the first day,  Minsk Cycling Club riders won ten awards, four of which were of the highest order.