The champion of Belarus, Yauhen Sobal, shows a good shape before the upcoming national championsh.

The group race of Belarus Cup stage in Mozyr can be considered a kind of rehearsal of the championship, which will also be held in Mozyr, but the distance and track will be slightly different. This time, the organizers approved the distance of 96 km. However, the race was not particularly affected by this.

The tipping point happened when the twelve men broke away. In the course of the distance, the ranks of breakaway have noticeably drifted away - only four riders left by the finish line. In this quartet Minsk Cycling Club continental team was represented by the experienced Yauhen Sobal and Branislau Samoilau. As a result, the reigning champion of the country - Sobal won the race. Raman Tsishkou, a representative of the national team of Belarus, finished second, and his team mate - Mikhail Shemetau, finished third.