At Belarus triathlon championship that was held in Brest, both male and female representatives of Minsk Triathlon team hit the podium at all distances.

The championship was held from July 28 to August 2. The best triathletes of Belarus determined the strongest at the Olympic distance (1500 m + 40 km + 10 km), at the sprint distance (750 m + 20 km + 10 km) and in the super sprint (200 m + 5 km + 1 km).

Anna Maksimova achieved victory twice: at the most prestigious Olympic and sprint distances. Besides, Minsk Triathlon athlete finished second in the super sprint.

Her team-mate Valiantsina Zeliankevich won the bronze in the sprint.

Tsikhan Shchamialiou won bronze medals at all three distances - Olympic, sprint and super sprint.

Aliaksandr Dakhno won the silver at the prestigious Olympic distance.

Besides, Dzmitry Talkachou took the absolute third place among age groups and the first place in his age group.