In the first day of the Grodno Region Open Championship, within which the Cup stage is held, the representatives of the capital team won four medals in the individual time trial race.

Women were more successful. At the distance of 15 km  the leader of Minsk Cycling Club women's team Tatsiana Sharakova, who showed the time 19:46, was second to none. Her team-mate Hanna Tserakh lost six seconds to the winner (19:52). The third was Anastasiya Kolesava (Mogilev region) with the result 20:29.

Anastasiya Kiptsikova took the 5th place (21:00), Alina Abramenka - the 7th (21:18), Taisa Naskovich - the 10th (21:54), Daria Dekola - the 12th (22:15).

The men also showed their best at the ditance of 15 km. Быстрее всех на этой The men also showed their best at the ditance of 15 km. The fastest at this distance was Grodno region representative Mikhail Shemetau wih the result 17:16. The second result was shown by another local trainee, the racer of Minsk Cycling Club continental team Yauheni Karaliok - 17:32. The third place was taken by the national champion Yauhen Sobal - 17:52.

And here are the results of other athletes of Minsk Cycling Club: Raman Tsishkov - the 4th place (18:03), Kanstantsin Bialiauski - the 5th place (18:04), Vasili Bialiauski - the 7th place (18:22), Mikhail Androsau - the 9th place (18:28), Stanislau Bazhkou - the 11th place (18: 38.1), Dzianis Mazur - the 12th place (18:38.2), Siarhei  Shauchenka - the 13th place (18:39) , Raman Ramanau - the 16th place (18:48), Vasili Strokau - the 19th place (19:04), Artur Kiryevich - the 23rd place (19:32), Uladzimir Harakhavik - the 31st place (19:58), Nikolai Shumov - the 38th place (20:24), Aliaksei Shnyrko - the 39th place (20:32).